Houses of Ghee (Clarified Butter) As Described in Ayurveda

Oil and ghee are commonly used in ayurveda platform of medicine as channels to administer plant based preparations. Herbs, pastes of decoction or herbs of herbs are infused in oil or ghee as well as later administered to clients after the diagnosis of the conditions and diseases.

Properties of ghee: Ghee ready from cow’s milk is considered to be having healing properties and it is commonly used ayurvedic preparations.

Dhee kaanthismruthikaarakam balakarm medhokaram shuddhikrudvataghnam shramanaashanam swarakaram pittapaham pushtidam

Cow’s ghee has following properties

It increases intelligence. Helps in boosting mind power. Rejuvenates the skin from within and increases its glow. Boosts body energy Detoxifies body Normalizes vata. (Imbalance of vata causes diseases) Increases quality of vocal. Normalises pitta Nourishes the entire body Improves digestion and increases body fire. Increases quality and amount of semen. It’s very useful in problems of eye. Acts as an excellent Rasayana It is the absolute best kind of fat.

Properties of ghee ready from buffalo’s milk

Strengthens the body.
Makes you feel good Increases fairness and radiance of skin.
best ghee and kapha
It’s very useful in piles (hemorrhoids), IBS, It’s utilized in disorders of eye.
Among these 2 ghee geared up from cows milk is considered to have more therapeutic properties. Freshly prepared ghee is useful and very effective.

The ghee that continues to be preserved for ten years is called as “PURANA GHRITA”. It’s widely used in treating epilepsy and various other neurological disorders.

The ghee which has been kept for more than 100 years is known as as “KUMBHA SARPI”. The ghee that is kept above hundred years is called as “MAHAGHRITA”. Mahaghrita is utilized in continual disorders and cough of eye,

The ghee should not be administered in tuberculosis, upper respiratory tract infections and bronchitis when mucous secretion is a bit more, indigestion, constipation, fever and diabetes.

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